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Zhejiang Vitile Rubber Co., Ltd. is a newly established joint-equity enterprise under the approval of Zhejiang Administrative bureau for Industry and Commerce. Vitile has invested 800 million yuan in building a low-temperature emulsion polymerization styrene butadiene rubber production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons and can realize 2.2 billion yuan of sales and 330 million yuan of tax and profits per year. It is planned to be completed and put into production in February 2014. Low-temperature emulsion polymerization styrene butadiene rubber is an industry the government encourages and a key project listed by Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government in 2012.
Vitile is located beside Sanmen Bay on the coast of East China Sea, neighboring Ningbo in the north and Wenzhou in the south, with Yanhai Expressway, Yongtaiwen High-speed Rail running through. Sanmen Bay enjoys a pleasant climate, abundant products, mountain and sea advantages, and world-famous Sanmen blue crab. In addition, economy here develops rapidly and this place boasts prominent late-mover advantages. It is really worthy of the name of Power City in Eastern China. Nuclear Power Phase I was about to be combined to the grid; and large thermal power plant construction is like a raging fire. Machinery, electrical appliance and rubber products represented by Sanbian High-tech and Sanwei Rubber Co., Ltd. have become the pillar industry of the county economy. Project construction is of great significance to extend the industrial chain of Sanmen, increase the technological content of products and enhance the taste of Sanmen China Rubber Belt Industrial City.
Vitile projects adopt stable, reliable and domestically leading production processes and technologies to build a technologically leading, green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly production unit with stable quality. Vitile has been committed to producing oil-filled styrene-butadiene rubber. with lower aromatic content and many other grades of environmentally friendly styrene-butadiene rubber in line with the REACH regulation of EU. The project boasts a high automation degree and clean and beautiful production environment. All production units (for example raw material preparation, polymerization, recycling and cohesion dry packaging) are operated and managed centralizedly by adopting a distributed control system (DCS) in the central control room. Vitile products are widely used and important raw material replacing natural rubber in rubber products like tyre, conveyor belts, driving belts, pipe belts and shoes. Vitle’s projects mainly lay out in the costal industrial city of Sanmen County, which is near to raw material production area as well as the consumer field, enjoying broad market prospects and promising economic benefits.
Vitile organizes its production and business activities in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system. Under the unified command of the general manager, the executing agencies include the Manufacturing Department, the Equipment Department, the Technology Department, the Safety and Quality Assurance Department, the Warehousing Department, the Purchasing Department, the Sales Department, the Finance Department, the Administration Department, etc. All departments have explicit rights and liabilities and coordinate and distribute responsibilities. Vitile aims to create a first-class modern synthetic rubber base. Safety, Quality, Environmental Protection and Benefits are what Vitile adheres to unswervingly. I invest; we world and we share the fruits are our firm philosophy. To build a disciplined, dedicated and motivated staff team; and create an interdependent, friendly, serious, lively, sunny and confident team atmosphere is our wish. Vitile hopes you can join in to display your intelligence and skills and write down our common glory and pride!