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Material sources of rubber sheets

Date:2013-2-3 09:44
According to documents, these excellent elastic ball, made more visiting Spaniards believe that these evil spirits have the ball. Rubber is also used as a strap for fastening wooden handles onto stones or metal appliances, and for filling of handles.
The Maya can make shoes out of rubber. Although the American indigenous people as formally as modern rubber vulcanization, but they can still be used to approximate the role of organic matter, such as unprocessed emulsion mixed with different varieties of sap or some vines of the juice.
Some Brazil natives use rubber to make waterproof fabrics. Once rumors have Portuguese put these clothes back to the motherland, terrified fellow, accused of practicing witchcraft trial results.
When the rubber was introduced into England, it was found that the material could wipe away the marks left by the pencil. So now the rubber English rubber is also used to describe erasers.
The natural rubber origin, the trefoil rubber tree provides the most commercial rubber. It will produce a lot of rubber emulsion rich in SAP was hurt. In addition, figs and other plants of the family Euphorbia can also supply rubber.
Germany was tested for rubber from these plants in the second world war because rubber supplies were cut off, but later it was converted to artificial rubber. The first rubber trees were good in South America, but through artificial transplants, there are many kinds of rubber trees in Southeast asia.
In fact, Asia has become the most important source of rubber. Rubber made from silver gum can cut off sensitivity. Other materials for rubber, although more than half of all rubber are artificial, are still important in some fields, such as automobiles and military industries.
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