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Brief introduction of rubber sealing strip

Date:2013-2-3 09:42
Applied to railway locomotives, automobiles, aircraft, high-rise buildings, refrigerators and various industrial components, a rubber seal element that prevents dust, air, water, etc. from entering the system.
It consists of two parts: seal and installation.
Such products mainly use the flexibility of the lip, cavity, flange and other parts of the body structure to seal and decorate the contact pressure produced by the assembled parts (glass, metal parts, etc.).
Generally used in the range of -50 to 70 degrees centigrade.
The utility model can be divided into a solid rubber strip, a hollow rubber strip, a sponge rubber strip and a compound adhesive strip, and different sectional structures can be designed according to the parts used and the service conditions.
Taking into account the aging resistance, ozone resistance requirements, the general use of chloroprene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, silicone rubber, natural - Butyl Styrene butadiene rubber, and rubber, rubber and rubber and other aging properties of good rubber manufacturing.
The manufacturing methods are extrusion, continuous vulcanization, extrusion, vulcanizing, vulcanizing or molding.
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